Adam’s Priorities for House District 122

Dangerous open border policies have created a humanitarian crisis along the border—one where drug cartels and human traffickers take advantage of vulnerable people hoping for a better life. Adam believes in the American Dream and that those immigrating to the United States need to follow the rules and come here the right way, legally.

As a father and husband, Adam understands the importance of protecting his family and keeping his community safe. To do so, we must support our law enforcement officers on the front line who risk their lives to serve and protect all Texans. Our officers are increasingly the targets of unfair, hate-filled attacks that prevent them from doing what they do best. Adam supports maintaining and increasing funding for our officers.

Adam is a successful entrepreneur who founded three companies. We need more business owners in the Texas House who understand what it takes to create jobs. Adam is a proven leader that fought to protect Texas businesses from frivolous lawsuits that act as a hidden tax on our goods and services. Adam will use his experience to cut unnecessary regulations that are job killers. We must keep the Texas economy thriving.

San Antonio is Military City U.S.A. District 122 is home to countless active-duty service members and veterans. More than 250,000 veterans call our city home, with more than 3,000 transitioning out of active duty every year. We have an obligation to ensure these heroes have the support they need for the sacrifices they’ve made for us.

The reality of high property taxes is one Adam has witnessed first-hand as a homeowner and business owner. Adam is determined to reform the property tax system to ensure that we can use our hard-earned income to provide for our families and invest in our local communities instead of paying unduly burdensome taxes.

Texas is a national leader for innovation and job creation. To maintain and grow our competitive advantages, it is vital that we foster and challenge our future workforce, our youth. Adam and his wife, Arielle, are the proud parents of four children and strong supporters of our local public schools. He is an advocate for our teachers and will ensure our tax dollars provide the resources necessary for our teachers to educate our children.

It is vital that Texas invests in the necessary infrastructure to keep up with our state’s exploding population. We must maintain and expand toll-free highway access and find solutions that alleviate congestion so we can spend less time in traffic and more time with our families. Adam is passionate about the safety culture of his trucking and logistics companies and will use his experience to keep our roads safe while accommodating our rapidly growing population.

As a business owner who provides health insurance for his employees, Adam has experienced the burden of rapidly rising costs of healthcare being driven by overregulation and government intrusion. Adam will work to make healthcare costs more transparent, affordable, and accessible for Texas families.

We need to fight back against cancel culture extremists that want to rewrite history. American Democracy has saved billions of people around the globe from oppression and poverty. To turn the clock back on our history instead of learning its lessons only further divides us – and separates us even more from the “one Nation under God” our founding fathers strived for.

Adam fully supports every citizen’s Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. He disagrees with liberal policymakers who seek to limit the Constitutional right that was awarded to every American by our Founding Fathers.

A blessed father and family man, Adam is 100% pro-life. He will protect the lives of the unborn and prevent taxpayer dollars from going to abortion providers.

Every eligible Texan must know that their vote is counted fairly and accurately and that cheating is prevented. That means each and every county needs to abide by the same set of rules, no matter what is politically expedient for those in power. The results of our elections must be beyond reproach for Texans to have continued faith in our government.

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