Protecting Our Environment

Today's failures to protect our air, water, and wildlife cannot be reversed. We need immediate action to stop permanent harm to Texas' precious natural resources.

Protecting our air. Climate change is real, human activity makes it worse, and the cost of doing nothing is unthinkable. These are scientific facts embraced by leading energy companies, such as Shell and Exxon, which have endorsed staying in the Paris Climate Accord.  As the world's energy capital, Houston can either lead the way toward developing cleaner, more sustainable energy or, in 30 years, find itself like the old coal towns are today. The Texas Legislature must act now to reduce carbon emissions and support our energy industry's work to transition to 21st century technology.

Protecting our water. As shown by Hurricane Harvey, industrial pollution has turned too many Texas rivers and waterways into chemical-infested public safety hazards. And with more than 3,000 miles of coastline, Texas has a material role to play in saving our oceans and reducing plastic pollution. Our families deserve immediate action to stop further damage and to clean up the existing mess.

Saving our wildlife. Texas has nearly 100 endangered species, and even once-familiar backyard favorites like honeybees and butterflies are perishing at dangerous rates. Instead of protecting wildlife, our current Legislature (including Adam's opponent) has passed insane special-interest laws such as allowing coyotes to be shot from hot air balloons.  As an attorney, Adam has already worked to protect endangered species, a record he will carry on as our State Representative.

The Texas Sierra Club endorses Adam Milasincic.