"Milasincic is super smart, thoughtful and passionate."

Progress, for a Change.

Special-interest extremists have rigged Texas government to serve only themselves. Instead of properly funding our schools, they bicker over nonsense. Instead of doing the hard work to control flooding, they sell out to the pay-to-play Big Builders.

In 2018, there’s a better choice. Adam Milasincic is an award-winning business lawyer who, thanks to public schools, climbed from cashier to earning the No. 1 score on the Texas Bar exam. After nearly seven years of winning high-stakes lawsuits against some of the most powerful corporations in Texas, Adam has the experience and toughness to take on the special interests and win.

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Key Priorities

Support Public Schools

Properly funding our public schools is Adam's #1 budget priority.

Flood Control Now

Protect us against future floods; keep the pay-to-play Big Builders in check.

Affordable Healthcare

Adam stands for quality, affordable healthcare for all Texans.